Our hotel

Feeling comfortable in any kind of weather in a family-run hotel with long tradition Our hotel facility is just about 100m away from Wörthersee, the largest bathing lake of Carinthia in the Europapark, one of the largest park facilities of Austria.

You can look forward to the amenities of 60 modern equipped business and comfort rooms with a room size of up to 45 m². A sun terrace, a garden with comfortable reclining chairs and the winter garden invite to relax.

Our hotel managed as a bed-and-breakfast is the ideal departing point for your various holiday activities.

Swimming fun in the Wörthersee in water with the quality of drinking water, extended strolls through the park, exploring the Minimundus of the world in miniature format or various cultural and athletic offers should be included in the itinerary for your holiday with us.

The regular bus line takes you from the stop close-by to the hotel every 20 minutes conveniently to the town centre of Klagenfurt that is about 3km away while your vehicle is in good hands on our large private parking lot.


Pure relaxation

because our hotel is situated in a beautiful park landscape


Our Hotel bar

ist der optimale Ort für gemütliche Gespräche


Our winter garden

lets you look at nature


A snug place to pause

and exchange pleasantries is our lobby


With a view of nature in any weather

you can relax in the winter garden and enjoy your holiday


We keep a rich offer of food and beverages available for our guests from early in the morning until late at night. We treat you with a rich warm and cold breakfast buffet and beverages around the clock.

Breakfast buffet

Our breakfast buffet (warm and cold) does not leave any wishes unfulfilled

Fresh pastry

Every morning, we serve fresh pastry for breakfast!

Hotel bar

Beverages are available around the clock at our hotel bar

Salad variations

The seasonal salad variations are a pleasure to the eye as well as the taste buds.


Delicious cakes of various kinds await you at every breakfast.

Dining hall

Here is a quick impression of our dining hall.


As a small country inn with farm, the Plattenwirt was located at the old road leading to Villach ever since the reedy eastern shore of Wörthersee was more avoided than wanted by the people of Klagenfurt.

The year date 1810 can be found set into a building stone. House and farm building stood on stony underground. Ledges or plates of rock, which account for the name of the guesthouse and which were dug out at a later time, came to the surface all around. The monolayer stratum remained preserved for a long time.

It was not before 1871 when the “New Indoor Swimming Pool”, or generally called the “Military Swimming School” opened its doors. In 1981, the horse trail was the first traffic connection to the lake. For 20 years, horses pulling open carriages trotted past the Plattenwirt before the transition to electrical transport operation.

An innkeeper was then found in Ludwig Pranter, who in hope of a lakeshore vitalisation purchased the inn in the year 1904 and expanded it in the time thereafter. He was a descendant of an old Tyrol family of the citizenry, who received the grant of arms by Archduke Ferdinand of Tirol in 1586.

A branch of the family settled in Dölsach and ran a pub in Lienz. This is where Ludwig Pranter came from to Maria Loretto, where he leased the inn. His son Paul who later became the owner of the Plattenwirt Inn was born in Loretto. They had the old barn taken down and erected a modern guesthouse with 54 beds in its place. The family still remembers the time when Villacher Straße ran directly past the guesthouse and there were still swamp meadows on the southern side. A special attraction, however, are the significant glacial polishes on the southern edge of the road. At that time, there were many visitors going on a pilgrimage to this natural monument, which would surely be one of the attractions for the Europapark today. Unfortunately, these glacial polishes were simply detonated when the WÖSPAG (Wörthersee Sport AG) built a racetrack there. There was a lot of criticism at the time against the destruction and the name WÖSPAG was appropriate in in protest and recoined to mean something along the lines of “blasters of glacial potholes for financial gain”.

The racetrack was used for trotting races, international motorcycle races and low-level auto races, but was sustained only for a few years and ended up broke soon thereafter.

The last planks of the luckless Wörthersee sports field were dug out in 1929. The years of the Second World War and the post-war years brought a run to the Plattenwirt. Never had so many strollers come from the city. Often, 400 chairs were not enough and nine waitresses had their hands full. After Villacher Straße was relocated and following modernisation, it got quieter again. When the main road was relocated, a large recreational area, in which our hotel is situated, was created at the shores of the Wörthersee.